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WHY BUY FROM Owens Classic International? 


We understand that competitive pricing and quality products are the foundation for your success.


We understand the importance of great customer service when doing business internationally.

  • We check your orders carefully to make sure that you are ordering correct part numbers.

  • When you have a rush need,  we move mountains to meet your due date.

  • We recommend substitutions when out of stock situations occur. 

  • We work closely with your freight forwarder. We provide them with needed export documents, tracking numbers, and ETAs.

  • We customize our exporting documentation to meet the needs of your company because every country's importing regulations are different.

  • We handle warranty issues to your satisfaction.


Our FEATURED PRODUCTS are in the following 3 sectors.

These are products where we have a pre-existing, special relationship with the U.S. factories.   

Our combined volume gives us the clout you need to be heard.  Our knowledge gives you the confidence you need to buy correctly.  And finally, our relationships bring it all together.


We also work with clients to procure SPECIALTY PRODUCTS.  These are products outside of our core products.   Basically, you need it,  we can source it.  **Minimum volume requirements apply**



We handle freight logistics for a large number of our clients, be it ocean or air.


Our specialty, however,  is providing economical air transportation. 


We have many clients that take advantage of our 1-2-3 combination of warehousing, consolidation, and logistic services to make weekly,  monthly, or quarterly shipments directly to their door overseas.


We make it easy!


Consolidation &Warehousing Services

CONSOLIDATION & WAREHOUSING is an optional service that you may elect to use when we are not shipping directly from the factory to your  U.S. forwarder.  


We warehouse your product (often across 60 to 90 days) until the order is complete,  then we begin the most critical part:  the consolidation effort.   We specialize in receiving and re-packaging your products to reduce cubic space which ultimately reduces transportation costs.  


Whether air or ocean, we ensure that the product is well packaged for export so that it arrives in a saleable condition.  


We check to ensure that you will be receiving what you ordered,  meaning correct part numbers and no shortages.


This is a FREE service if the products are sourced from Owens Classic International.    


We do accept products from other sources and are happy to include them in our consolidation efforts for a nominal fee. 

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